About Dr. Garmone

About Dr. Anthony Garmone

I had my first chiropractic adjustment at the age of 17 after suffering 3 diagnosed concussions and migraine headaches while playing football, hockey and a catcher in baseball.  He adjusted me and I no longer suffered with headaches, it was life changing and guided me to become a chiropractor. 

I went to school at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the original and largest chiropractic school in the world. It is there that I have learned many techniques and evaluation of many health conditions.  Then when I graduated school and started to practice I realized you are never done learning. So in 2000, I did my first post graduation program, the certified chiropractic sport physician and finished just in time for my daughters birth. 

Than is 2003 I started to really find a passion for neurology.  In 2003, I completed post graduate studies in electrodiagnosis doing NCV and EMG testing and become board certified in 2005 (DIBE). In 2013 I started a 2 year post graduate program in neurology and become a Diplomate/boarded in 2016 (DIBCN) and a fellow later that year, (FIACN). In 2018 The American Chiropractic Association started a board for Electrodaingosis that I applied and was accepted into, (DABCE).  I have more than 750 hours of Continuing education and feel you never stop learning or bettering yourself.  I always try my best to help my patients and try to refer out if they can not be helped at my office.

Dr. Garmone continued his education: 

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician course from January through September of 2000.  

  • Dr. Garmone then continued to become certified in NCV and needle EMG examinations from September 2002 in June of 2003.  

  • In October of 2004, Dr. Garmone attended Harvard Medical School's week-long symposium on NCV and needle EMG examinations.  

  • In October of 2005, Dr. Garmone passed the examination by the International Board of Electrodiagnosis. The letters of DIBE after his name represent being a Diplomate of the International Board of Electordiagnosis.

  • In October of 2013 through the fall of 2015 Dr. Garmone did a 2 year program to become a diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology. In September of 2016 he sat and passed the board exam. The letters of DIBCN after his name represent being a Diplomate of the International Board of Chiropractic Nuerology.

  • In Fall of 2016 Dr. Garmone was recommeded to be a fellow by the IACN.  The letter FIACN represent my fellowship status in the organization.

  • In 2017, The American Chiropractic Association started a new board for chiropractor who do electrodiagnosis in thier practice. It is the American Board of Clinical Electrodiagnosis. The letters DABCE are represented by this credentials.

  • Dr. Garmone has also taken multiple continuing education courses ranging from Worker Compensation law to nutritional supplements.
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